Bethesda announced "Fallout 4" will be getting a Survival mode in the near future, but did not provide further details about what to expect from the more challenging experience.

Reddit user ShaneD53 posted a Survival mode overview based on in-game files Wednesday. The full list of features includes the disabling of quicksaves, elimination of fast travel, weighted ammo and other changes that will make life for players much more difficult in the Commonwealth.

On Twitter, Bethesda posted a few details about what areas of "Fallout 4" will be affected in the new mode. Food sleep, diseases and additional danger were promised by the developer. 

"Is the struggle of this world merely a pleasant game for you? Do you long for a more brutal take on a life lived post apocalypse?If you answered "Yes and yes!", then Survival difficulty is for you! Survival upends many of the rules of life in the Commonwealth for maximum challenge," reads the description of the "Fallout 4" Survival mode, according to ShaneD53.

When it becomes available, Survival mode can be accessed from the game's Settings option and changing the difficulty under the Gameplay setting.

Survival mode would eliminate manual saves and automatic quicksaves. In order to save any progress in "Fallout 4," players must find a bed and sleep for an hour. Enemies deal more damage, but the Adrenaline perk means the player will also deliver additional damage. The Adrenaline perk increases as players kill friends or foes and includes an additional bonus damage based on its level. Sleeping will lower the Adrenaline rank of the player.

Players could carry as much ammo as they wanted in "Fallout 4" without it affecting what else they carried, but Survival mode adds more weight to different ammo types. Bullets will have added weight, but missiles and mini nukes will take up more of your inventory.

Fast travel is not an option in Survival mode. Traveling from Sanctuary to Salem will have to be done on foot with the additional fear of being ambushed as enemies no longer appear on the game's compass. Through the trek across the Commonwealth, players will need to make sure to stay hydrated, rested and fed. The added Fatigue, which affect Action Points, and Sickness elements will add another degree of difficulty, or annoyance, for players.

Players can cure illnesses by crafting antibiotics at Chem Stations or purchasing them from doctors. A full rundown of the changes found in Survival mode can be found in the Reddit thread.

Bethesda recently announced the "Fallout 4" 1.4 update that will include new Settlement features and bug fixes.