“Final Fantasy XIV” got Chinese players to run to the nearest KFC and eat a lot of chicken -- to get a huge in-game bird.

While most players join forces to fight against the tough raid bosses “Final Fantasy XIV” has, “FFXIV” players in China have joined forces to raid the nearest KFC for family meals in order to get codes for the Fat Black Chocobo mount.

PCGamesN reported that while the Fat Black Chocobo mount has been made a promotional gievaway in various parts of the “FFXIV”-playing world, that’s not how it is in China. According to a Reddit post that revealed the finger-licking raids, Square Enix has teamed up with KFC in China to promote the Fat Black Chocobo mount -- and the result is nothing but fun (and a lot of chicken).

The team-up required players to get a KFC family meal in exchange for a code that can be exchanged for the mount. The fun part here is that players will have to order the family meal for dine-in, and each family meal -- that’s good for four people -- gives one code only. This means that one player has to get the family meal for himself, or a group of four players has to get four family meals.

Fat like a Fat Black Chocobo

Now, the challenge isn’t easy. Each family meal includes the following: one Double Chicken Burger, one Vegan Mushroom Burger, one serving of 5-piece Chicken Nuggets, two pieces Original Recipe Chicken, a 2-piece serving of New Orland Chicken Wings, one Old Beijing Spicy Duck Roll, two large Pepsis and two large glasses of Peach Oolong Tea.

Lo and behold, some players actually took the challenge. Some netizens shared stories of how they went “solo” and devoured the family meal just to get the Fat Black Chocobo. Some players, on the other hand, grouped themselves as if going on an in-game raid and ran to KFC to get four family meals.

While some players reported their victories, some players reported their failures: some said they didn’t like Colonel Sanders’ chicken, and some of them said they didn’t like the vegan mushroom burger. Regardless whether they finished the meal or not, those who ordered family meals were given the codes as long as they ate in the store. Of course, they were allowed to take leftovers home.

KFC store, China
Customers walk into a KFC store in downtown Shanghai on July 31, 2014. Reuters/ Carlos Barria