More details about the upcoming “Final Fantasy VIII Remaster” have been revealed, thanks to one of the key people behind the game.

Square Enix recently announced that it is working on a remastered version of “Final Fantasy VIII,” one of the most important entries in the whole “Final Fantasy” franchise. The remastered version, which will be released ahead of “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” gives old and new players alike the opportunity to play as the game’s iconic characters once more.


Siliconera reported that game director Yoshinori Kitase, in an interview with Famitsu (transcribed by Ryokutya2089), shared some tidbits of information that players and fans will appreciate about the upcoming remaster.

  • First, Kitase said some of the people behind the original game are working on the remastered version. Specifically, Hiroshi Harada, Tomohiro Kayano and Tetsuya Nomura, who worked on the original game’s battle programming and character designs, are working on the remaster. This means the characters can be expected to have a refined look.
  • Second, the “Chocobo World” mini-game won’t be included in the game. The items that can be acquired by playing the mini-game, however, can be acquired using Rinoa’s special ability.
  • Third, a feature called “Battle Assistance” will be “implemented” in the remastered version. PlayStation Lifestyle noted that this feature was added to the Steam version of “Final Fantasy VIII,” giving certain perks to players who use it.

Battle Assistance allows players to enjoy an always-full HP bar and ATB bar, and the ability to use Limit Breaks repeatedly. Kitase said this feature, along with “triple speed” and “no encounter” will be added in the remastered version. These features will make it easy for new players, as well as old players who don’t want the usual grind, finish the game quickly to see the story.

The interview also mentions that players on the PC version will get more items and features. These include “all items, abilities, tricks, cards,” and more.

Excited? “Final Fantasy VIII Remastered” is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC. Square Enix hasn’t given an exact release date yet, but it will be released sometime later this year.

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