• Jamie Dornan landed Christian Grey's role after Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the film
  • He said he immediately felt the backlash from movie critics after playing the role
  • "Fifty Shades" opened up lots of career opportunities for him, he said

Jamie Dornan has admitted it was not easy getting bashed by film critics for his “Fifty Shades” movies. In a live chat with British GQ, the actor reflected on his struggles with the reception of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and its sequels, saying he “felt the wrath of hatred” after being cast as Christian Grey.

“There’s nothing like ‘Fifty Shades’ in terms of, it was based on books and we were staying very close to these books,” he said of the 2015 film. “These books were loved by fandom. Really loved, obsessively loved and despised by every critic. Real critics hated the books.”

“You know that you’re going to have these movies that are for the fans, that the fans are going to love, that are gonna make a ton of money. But you know that the critics will be just, you know, licking their lips and that’s exactly what happened. And we knew that was going to happen so you’re watching that play out and at times that’s f***ing difficult,” he continued.

Dornan revealed he felt relieved to know that Charlie Hunnam had landed the role of Christian Grey in the first “Fifty Shades” movie. “I thought, ‘F***, that’s great, what a nightmare for that guy. He’s going to have all this scrutiny,’” he said. However, things took a different turn when Hunnam dropped out of the project, leading the way for him to get the role.

Dornan said he immediately felt the “wrath of hatred” as Christian Grey although he didn’t regret playing the role despite the criticism because it had opened new doors to his acting career. “The thing is every move I have made in my career, post those films, I have only been able to do because of those films,” he said.

“Because all of the stuff, like ‘Belfast,’ ‘Beyond Private,’ or any like well-received more independent stuff I’ve done the last five or six years, they’re only budgeting, they’re only paying for those films to be made off my name because I’m in a franchise that made $1.4 billion. That’s how that works. It’s all part of it, it’s given me so much, so of course, I don’t regret it,” he further added.

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“Fifty Shades of Grey” and other successful romance novels proved that there was an audience for this type of content. Universal Studios