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'Fire Emblem Heroes' is a mobile game based off the Fire Emblem series. Nintendo

Fans of Nintendo’s mobile RPG title Fire Emblem: Heroes will soon be able to play for longer, thanks to an upcoming April update. Fire Emblem: Heroes’ Japanese Twitter account, via Polygon, confirmed the game’s stamina cap limit will be raised from 50 points to 99 points.

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Although Fire Emblem: Heroes was relatively well-received by critics after its February launch, the stamina points system was a consistent knock against the mobile game. Every in-game combat event costs stamina points and in later levels, individual events can cost larger amounts of points. If your bar runs out, you’d have to either wait several hours for it to refill or use in-game items to reload your stamina.

Along with titles like Super Mario Run and its delayed Animal Crossing game, Fire Emblem: Heroes is one of several titles in Nintendo’s push onto mobile platforms for gamers. While Fire Emblem is a slightly deeper cut from Nintendo’s back catalog of game franchises, Heroes didn’t lack in gameplay depth. In our review, we were fans of the game’s mix of accessible gameplay and RPG strategy.

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Nintendo also looks to keep the game’s user base engaged with regular updates. As Polygon notes, the game will also receive a large update in April that includes permanent death challenges and other gameplay tweaks.