Hair or no hair; everyone has their own "down there' preference. A spa worker at a European Wax Center has filed a lawsuit alleging she was fired for refusing to get a Brazilian wax during her first day of official training in western Pennsylvania on Oct. 1.

According to the Huffington Post, Jennifer Finley is suing an EWC in Pittsburgh after her corporate trainer supposedly tried to force her and her colleagues to perform the bikini wax treatment on each other. Once she said she was uncomfortable with the procedure, she was let go.

For those who aren’t familiar with Brazilian bikini waxes, they remove most or all public hair from a woman’s most intimate region. The procedure can be pretty painful and embarrassing, considering undergarments are removed.

Finley's lawyer Vincent Merich told the Huffington Post his client was unaware she would be required to undergo a bikini wax and claims that firing Finely was wrongful termination and gender discrimination, since Finley says only women were required to endure the procedure.

"It's the sort of thing we don't think an employer should have the ability to control with respect to their employees," Mersich said. "They can't expect them to be comfortable exposing their anus and genitalia to co-workers ... or to perform that waxing on their coworkers.

"Obviously, it's part of the job," Mersich added. "But when you include the co-workers in the scenario, the dynamic changes quite a bit."

Finley felt the training was "humiliating, painful, embarrassing and discriminatory," according to the lawsuit. "Moreover, Finley was scheduled to begin menstruating on the same day she was expected to have the Brazilian wax, and expected to be extremely sensitive in the most private region of her body."

But Finley wasn’t the only one who wanted to forgo the treatment; other trainees wanted to opt out after she refused. "Several of them immediately claimed to be menstruating after Finley said the same," the suit reads. "Finley suspected that her co-workers said this as an 'excuse' to get out of the exercise."

European Wax Center’s corporate headquarters has not publicly commented on the suit.