Fisker may be the latest electric vehicle maker to make their foray into the electric truck market. According to a tweet that has since been deleted, Fisker has an electric truck that is called Alaska in the works.

The CEO of Fisker, Henrik Fisker, posted a tweet that was captured by Car And Driver, that simply read, “Electric pick up!” The post was accompanied by a photo of the pickup truck that had the name Alaska blazed on the tailgate.

While it is unknown if Fisker is indeed developing an electric truck as no mention by the company has been made public, Henrik took the post down shortly after posting, tweeting to users, “Sorry mistake: will delete.”

No explanation was provided for the mysterious post, other than a Fisker spokesperson telling the news outlet it was unintentional.

"We can't confirm the model or name of a vehicle that may have been seen in the tweet," the spokesperson told Car and Driver, "We can, however, confirm that Fisker Inc. is indeed working on a modular electric vehicle platform that may underpin several different affordable EV models in the future."

The image of the so-called Alaska truck gives a few clues of what to expect from Fisker if it is getting ready to launch an electric pickup truck to compete with the likes of Ford’s upcoming F-150, GM’s Hummer EV, Rivian’s R1T, and Tesla’s Cybertruck. Other recent entrants to the electric truck market include Bollinger’s B2 and Nikola’s Badger pickup truck.

Fisker Automotice, Inc. Fisker Automotive, Inc. laid off a majority of its employees– 160 in total – from its Anaheim, California headquarters on Friday. Photo: Reuters