The electric truck market is heating up as several automakers get ready to release their version of an electrified truck. From Ford to GM and Tesla, there is anticipation for all models. Here are the best electric trucks coming down the production line that are definitely worth waiting for.

GM GMC Hummer EV

The most recent electric launch was from GM (GM), with the GMC Hummer EV. The electric truck is said to have 1,000 horsepower and can hit zero to 60 mph in three seconds. The truck also has 11,500 pounds-per-feet of torque from its electric powertrain.

GM debuted the Hummer EV during the Super Bowl, giving limited details and only a taste of what interested electric buyers can expect from the vehicle.

The GMC Hummer EV is slated to officially debut on May 20 with delivery expected in Fall 2021. GM will produce the truck at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant in Michigan.

Price of the truck has not been released, but reports are placing it in the $70,000 to $100,000 range.

Ford F-150

Ford (F) has also teased that it is bringing an electrified F-150 pickup truck to market by 2021.

With little to no details known about the truck, it is expected to have a towing capacity of at least 10,000 pounds, which the automaker gave a glimpse of its power by towing a line of train cars.

The truck is also reportedly thought to come with at least a 200-mile driving range and is being developed through its $500 million investment into Rivian.

Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla (TSLA) Cybertruck was revealed in 2019, showing a futuristic appeal that has sparked debate on both sides. Love it or hate it, the Cybertruck offers a $39,900 base price and is already taking reservations for orders.

Maximum driving range on the truck is expected to be over 500 miles, with the capability to hit 60 mph in just under three seconds. Towing capacity on the electric truck is 14,000 pounds with all-wheel drive options available.

While the Cybertruck will not come in a variety of paint options, its silver armored look may appeal to some drivers as orders of the truck have topped over 187,000 at last count.

Production of the Cybertruck is expected to begin in late 2021.

Rivian R1T

Rivian is another automaker that is producing an all-electric truck that is expected to start deliveries in late 2020. The truck’s price tag starts at $69,000 for the base version of the R1T model, with top-end versions being sold for reportedly over $100,000.

The R1T is built for ruggedness as the truck has a 400 mile plus driving range and the ability to reach 60 mph in three seconds. The truck also has a quad-motor drive system for on- and off-road driving, as well as the capability to traverse three feet of water.

Towing capacity on the truck is 11,000 pounds, powered by a 750-horsepower powertrain.

Reservations for the R1T truck are currently being taken Rivian.

Shares of GM stock were up 0.27% as of 11:49 a.m. EST on Wednesday while shares of Ford stock were down 9.86% at the same time. Shares of Tesla stock were down 13.67% also at the same time.