California-based electric carmaker Fisker Inc. has revealed its latest electrified vehicle with the launch of the Fisker Ocean luxury SUV. The automaker showed off the new all-electric vehicle at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show  in Las Vegas, rivaling Ford's Mach-E and Tesla's Model Y SUVs. 

Fisker is touting the Ocean EV as fully sustainable, claiming it will produce more than 1 million vehicles between 2022 and 2027. The company said it will release even more details about the SUV’s platform and technical specifications in 2020 at the Geneva Motor Show.

What is known about the electric SUV is that it will come with some interesting features, including a Karaoke option that is designed to provide a “fun-in vehicle family experience.” A California Mode also allows drivers to experience their surroundings with the entire cabin open with one-touch operation.

The SUV also has a full-length solar sunroof, which offers 1,000 free, clean driving miles a year, recycled carpet, vegan interior, eco-suede interior textures and patterns, and repurposed rubber waste. Total driving capacity for the Fisker Ocean is targeted at 250 to 300 miles per charge from its 80 kWh lithium-ion battery.

“We are producing electric vehicles with an increased sense of sustainability, while creating an immersive experience built around our mobile platform,” Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO at Fisker said in a statement.

“When we began to design the Fisker Flexee app experience, we wanted to give our customers the power to access critical vehicle information, a unique media gallery, playable assets and more features that we will be adding over the next several months. Managing a Fisker vehicle and engaging directly with the company will be fun, hassle free and at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere,” he added.

Fisker said it is targeting delivery of the Ocean SUV for the end of 2021 with high volume production of the EV expected in 2022. The automaker has set reservations at $250 for lease or purchase of the vehicle with a flexible purchasing option, starting at $37,499 and dropping to $29,999 with U.S. tax incentives.

The company also said two additional Fisker models will be released with the same vehicle platform with more details to be released throughout 2020.

Fisker electric SUV Fisker has branded the Fisker Ocean as an electric luxury SUV and the world's most sustainable vehicle and is collaborating with Electrify America to develop charging technology. Photo: Fisker Inc.