Scientists at Canada-based Aeyron Labs have designed a new flying robot outfitted with the world’s most advanced intelligence system which will replace the closed circuit TV (CCTV) camera, reports said.

The robot, called Scout, has been designed with acumen which could track down criminals with ease. Users just need to point out certain location on the in-built Google Maps through its touch screen controller and the robot will fly to the location at 30mph and will record with a high definition video camera the surroundings and stream it live to an iPhone.

The robot can travel more than 400ft above the ground level and can zoom in to a close-up from nearly 300 meters away making it virtually impossible to be seen during a mission. It has also been fitted with four rotor blades which will guarantee its silence, reports said.

“The VideoZoom10x camera leverages all the benefits of the Scout’s all-digital control and data architecture, providing point-and-click geopointing, encryption and metadata infrastructures,” said Marni McVicar, Vice President, Aeyron, in the company website

“The Scout’s all-digital communications network effectively eliminates hacking, snooping and interception of the signal, while at the same time allowing video to be networked and streamed to multiple clients, including handhelds and phones,” he added

Reports said the Scout is one of the most advanced aerial intelligence system available presently.