With investments in virtual real estate in the metaverse having grown exponentially, former football players Shaun Wright Philips and Jordan Stewart have purchased land in the Sports Metaverse.

According to an official statement, Philips will use his land for events and display his NFTs.

“I’m excited to be involved in the Sports Metaverse. This is the new frontier when it comes to sports. The metaverse and owning a piece of it is about interaction and co-creation – watching live sports with friends all around the world, hanging out with friends, and buying and selling NFTs are some of the things I’m looking forward to doing here,” Philips said.

Investors see the potential to rent a virtual space in the metaverse for parties with sports stars, private lodges to view sporting events in VR stadiums, or offer key brands a space for sponsorship appearances.

As a result, early investors are already making million-dollar profits. The returns are expected to continue to grow as Grayscale Research predicts annual revenues for the metaverse at $1 trillion, with $400 billion for gaming worlds alone.

In addition to Philips, four companies have already pre-bought land in the Sports Metaverse, including Phat Fantasy, Own the Moment, ThriveFantasy, Press Sports and Beyond The Game Network.

“Both Shaun and Jordan have played at the top of their profession, so it’s an honor to have these athletes join the Sports Metaverse. I still remember the goal that Shaun scored against Manchester United in 2004, and Jordan has had a great career here in the UK and the USA. What strikes me the most about these two is their passion for web3, communities, and the interaction with athletes that the Sports Metaverse will give to consumers,” SportsIcon COO and Co-Founder Alexi Yovanoff said.

Philips is one of the best players of his generation, having played for England in the National Team, Manchester City and Chelsea. Stewart has had a successful career in both England and the U.S. at clubs such as Leicester City and the San Jose Earthquakes.

Representation. Pixabay-hhorakova