“Fortnite” fans who have been itching to try out the upcoming Android version of the game are in luck. After a brief period of exclusivity to a handful of Samsung devices, the Android version of “Fortnite” is now playable on dozens of Android devices in beta form.

The only caveat is that players still need to wait for an invite from developer Epic Games before they can jump into the mobile battle royale. Players can sign up here.

fortttt 'Fortnite' for Android is not Samsung exclusive anymore. Gamers 'Ninja' (L) and 'Marshmello' compete in the Epic Games Fortnite E3 Tournament at the Banc of California Stadium on June 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Last week, Epic announced the beta would launch in an invite-only form on the aforementioned Samsung devices, confirming previous rumors that the game might be exclusive to Samsung in some capacity. However, instead of the 30-day exclusivity that some rumors floated, it only turned out to be a few days.

Now, according to Epic’s website, owners of a wide range of Android mobile devices have access to “Fortnite.” Phones from Google, Asus, Nokia, LG, Huawei and more can now get into the beta. However, some phones from HTC, Lenovo, and Sony are not supported yet, but Epic promised that would be fixed in the future.

As Epic previously announced, the Android version of “Fortnite” will not be on the Google Play Store. Instead, it will have to be downloaded directly from Epic’s site. This is because Google takes 30 percent of money from app purchases made through the Play Store. Google could stand to lose around $50 million in revenue through the end of 2018 by not getting a cut of “Fortnite” money.

On iOS alone, “Fortnite” has made around $2 million per day. Since Android has a significantly higher market share around the world than iOS, Epic will likely make money from the Android version of the game.