Epic Games has released a new update patch that introduces a fun, limited-time event where “Fortnite” players take the fight to the skies.

This week’s “Fortnite” update patch v8.40 brings a host of new features and balances. Although the update patch seems small compared to other update patches, it does introduce Epic and Legendary versions of the Infantry Rifle, and the limited-time mode, “Air Royale.”

“Fortnite” style dogfight

In “Air Royale,” a maximum of 24 players will ride an X-4 Stormwing plane and fight other players to the finish. Just like regular battle royale, it’s a fight to the finish, with the last plane flying as the winner.

Twelve teams of two players will each be given planes. One of them will pilot the plane while using the forward-mounted guns to shoot, and the other will be focusing on aiming and shooting enemy planes down from the sky.

Players will have unlimited respawns, but their planes won’t. Each duo only has three plane lives, and once the three airplane lives are gone, they’re out of the game. Players, however, have a way to add lives to their plane: by hijacking planes belonging to other players.

Players are required to keep the planes flying high; touching the ground results in immediate death. Parking a plane on the ground for a long time will also result in the plane exploding.

Players are also encouraged to eliminate other players as quickly as possible. There’s a ceiling that gradually lowers as the match progresses, limiting the area where planes can fly.

On the good side, loot chests will be falling from the sky. These vary in rarities, and will allow players to get additional ammunition or upgrade their weapons. Floating repair kits can also be acquired to restore health to damaged planes.

Enjoyable chaos

Kotaku notes that flying the plane and shooting enemies as the pilot can be a challenging thing to do. Rounds can be very chaotic, as bullets fly from all directions in the sky. Although it may not feel the same way as regular “Fortnite” rounds do, Kotaku said it still is very enjoyable and fun to play.

Fortnite crossplay
Xbox and PlayStation cross-play has come to "Fortnite." Online game "Fortnite" enthusiasts attend the ESL Katowice Royale Featuring Fortnite Tournament during the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2019 event in Katowice on March 3, 2019. BARTOSZ SIEDLIK/Getty Images