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The new patch from Fortnite finally arrived after months of delay. Pictured: A selection of 'Fortnite' action figures are seen on a display at the annual 'Toy Fair' at Olympia London on January 22, 2019 in London, England. Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

“Fortnite” Patch 7.40 is the Valentine’s Day gift from Epic Games that offers a number of exciting changes and challenges to gamers.

According to gaming website Polygon, the patch, which arrived on Thursday, came with a new weapon — a deceptively simple Infantry Rifle that’s leveled between assault and hunting guns in the game. What the weapon offers, however, is high damage to the enemies and it also has impressive range and accuracy.

Another “treat” brought about by the latest “Fortnite” patch is the use of the bushes. They can be used as a disguise, and they can also act as a shield that can actually absorb damages. Some changes in existing weapons were also noted in the new patch notes. The Hand Cannon has reduced environmental damage while gamers now have the chance to get their hands on the Rocket Launcher from Supply Drops from 25 percent to 50 percent.

Gamespot shared that the new patch also brought along new assets that are hinting at two new Limited Time Modes. One of which is called Catch, wherein all weapons from the game are taken out except for hand-thrown items like Grenades. This offers a certain degree of difficulty to the game.

The new update also brought along new challenges. There are overtime challenges that aim to carry the game through the next season. Battle pass owners can now unlock new versions of last year’s battle pass skins.

Players should be able to complete 13 or more of the new overtime challenges on or before the end of the month if they wish to get the “Fornite” Season 8 battle pass for free.

And as with any patch, this one offers some much-needed fixes to the game. One is fixing the issue of inaccuracy of certain projectile weapons that fail to hit other players even at close range. Another is fixing the simple glitch of explosives not causing damage to players who get hit without cover.

There will also be a new tournament series starting on Thursday until Feb. 24 called the “Share The Love Series.” In this event, players will get the chance to compete across four division tournaments for solo and duo gamers.