Epic Games has released a new Ouroboros skin set in the "Fortnite" store. It features a new male and female skin set, glider, harvesting tool and a back bling that’s themed after dark creatures and the Ouroboros snake. Here’s what we know about the skin.

According to the official "Fortnite" Twitter, the whole Ouroboros set is now available in the store. Here are the prices for each part of the set

Lace (female set) – 1500 V-bucks

Paradox (male set) – 1500 V-bucks

Stitches (back bling) – free, part of Lace set

Eternal (back bling) – free, part of Paradox set

Vision (Harvesting Tool) – 800 V-bucks

Equilibrium (Glider) – 500 V-bucks

In mythology, the Ouroboros is the self-eating serpent which can symbolize infinity, wholeness and even medicine. Both the new skins have the Ouroboros design painted on their shirts. Due to Lace's and Paradox’s dark clothes and other dark-colored cosmetics in the set, both characters look like creatures of the night, namely a Chinese vampire for Paradox and a goth vampire girl for Lace.

Many players are warming up to Lace’s design so far, as seen on Reddit. However, many players would like a chance to see Lace without the white makeup on her. The players believe that the facepaint ruins the whole design of the character and want Epic Games to remove it or at least provide a version without it. As of now, Epic Games has yet to release any statements about changing this skin’s visuals. We’ll have to wait for further updates if they’ll oblige or leave Lace’s face be.

In other news, "Fortnite" is currently on patch 7.10 with new guns added and removed in the game. As of now, the burst rifle and six-shooters are benched, while the silenced sniper rifle has been introduced. Speaking of introductions, the dual pistols have been reintroduced and could be a great replacement for sidearms if players don’t want to use too many rifles in their inventory.

For now, we can only wait for the next patch 7.20 for the next set of skins and the next update that’ll fix issues and change the gameplay of "Fortnite" again.