Most pros use keyboard and mouse. Pictured: ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 16: Students from Louisiana State University and The University of Washington compete in the online game Fortnite during DreamHack Atlanta 2018 at the Georgia World Congress Center on November 16, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Getty Images/Chris Thelen

"Fortnite’s" known competitor, "Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds," was recently confirmed by Razer to receive keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One. However, "PUBG’s" developers were quick to correct the misinformation from this announcement. Here’s what we know about this so far.

According to Destructoid, Razer announced that "PUBG" on Xbox One will now have keyboard and mouse support. The original "PUBG" on PC has long been using this layout, as with most PC games. However, an official statement was posted on a "PUBG" Reddit thread that said there is no truth to this claim.

“Hi everyone. As an FYI, the information in this advertisement is false and our game was incorrectly listed. We have flagged this with Razer and expect this to be fixed soon. Sorry for any confusion!” community manager PUBG_Lumos said.

Without keyboard and mouse support, the Xbox One battle royale with keyboard and mouse control still remains to be "Fortnite's" alone. It’s possible that "PUBG" is still testing the waters in the console and seeing if they can somehow solve the problem of skill gap between control setups in battle royales.

When it comes to battle royales and first-person shooters, the keyboard and mouse combo has been lauded to have the best advantage due to its more flexible aiming control than the regular console controller. While the mouse gives full freedom for the player to adjust their aim, the controller is limited to its analog sticks in helping players aim in game.

With mouses, it’s possible to snap your aim at high speeds, but controllers struggle to deal with targets behind them. "Fortnite" solves the control scheme mismatch on console with an option to separate keyboard and mouse players versus the regular controller players. So far, this system works, but it doesn’t solve the problem of literally every player being able to face each other.

In other news, "Fortnite’s" new update has provided players with a new silenced sniper rifle as a weapon. Since it has a silencer, players can prevent themselves from being tracked when firing at foes from afar. Normally, most of the guns are noisy and attract danger to anybody who uses them. While players have long adapted to the dangers of swarming foes, a silenced sniper rifle should help out.

Along with the other changes, all versions of the burst rifle and the six shooters have been vaulted. This new update is the last "Fortnite" update 7.10, and the next one expected for release next week.