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Electricity is a standard requirement in any home or building. Whether it is for lighting rooms, running the air conditioning system, or kitchen appliances, electricity is a necessity in modern homes.SKYX is a high-end technology platform leveraging the power of electricity to make homes and builders smarter, safer, and more advanced. Founded by an innovative mind Rani Kohen, SKYX has recently achieved another milestone in its journey by becoming a publicly listed company on Nasdaq, an online global marketplace for buying and trading securities.

SKYX Platforms
SKYX Platforms SKYX Platforms

SKYX Platforms Corp introduced a series of highly-disruptive, advanced, safe, and smart platform technologies. The company already earned more than 60 national and global patents on its technology, including patent pending applications. SKYX technologies emphasize high-end quality and simple usability, which makes its products stand out. The company aims to significantly enhance both safety and lifestyle in homes and buildings by facilitating innovative installation of fixtures.

Rani Kohen is currently the CEO of SKYX and spearheading the company to excel in technology that adds value to the human lifestyle. Under Kohen's passionate leadership, the company designed products that are a necessity in every room in both homes and buildings in the US and worldwide. Rani is a Miami-based inventor and entrepreneur who strives to build highly-disruptive, smart platform technologies. After completing the IPO of SKYX in early 2022 with a staggering pre-revenue market valuation of a billion, Rani believes that SKYX has become unstoppable when it comes to smart home technologies.

SKYX products work together to create an open platform for all types of fixtures. The global platform offers safe and smart ceiling installation that enhances the possibilities of integration. With the familiar wall plug experience on the ceiling, anyone can plug in a fixture as easily as plugging in a table lamp. SkyPlug integrates with any fixture type, at any scale. The transcendental technology ranging from the wall to the ceiling effortlessly connects fixtures and devices.

Prioritizing on safety parameters, SKYX ensures that all the fixtures are safe to use even after installation. The revolutionary products of SKYX have also earned the accreditation of the NEC CODE. It has changed a 120-year-old definition of a receptacle to adopt a new experience transforming homes and buildings nationally and globally. Skyreceptable is a perfect example here. The female receptacle acts as the stepping stone for the entire product platform, enabling instant plug-and-play capability. A 360-degree locking position and color-coded markings for wiring and electrical contact points are some of the key features that make the SKYX female receptacle unique.

The male Skyplug instantly connects and secures to the SkyReceptacle, creating a power source void of wires. This makes plugging something into the wall safe and easy for everyone. A double locking mechanism, electrical contact rings, and a 200lb load-bearing capacity are Skyplug's standout features. The company also has a host of other innovative products making homes smarter and elevating the lifestyle of the residents.

Rani believes that listing on Nasdaq is only the beginning of another incredible journey for the company. SKYX will continue to build innovative technology, making homes advanced, safer, and smarter globally.