Fujifilm Instax Mini
Fujifilm's new Instax Square cameras will print square photos instead of rectangular ones. REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

Fujifilm’s Instax instant plastic cameras are getting two new versions this year, and they might be announced next week. Called the Instax Square, the cameras will apparently be a hybrid film/digital camera instead of just film.

The rumored Fujifilm Instax Square camera is rumored to come in two versions: the SQ and the SQ10, according to FujiRumors. Like previous iterations of the Instax cameras, the both Instax Square models will still primarily be made out of plastic materials, but won’t be much bigger than the Instax Mini.

Like the name suggests, the cameras will have a square body measuring in at 62mm x 62mm. Another thing that sets the new Instax Square cameras from their predecessors is that both models will now produce instant square photos instead of rectangular ones. This would be similar to Polaroid’s instant cameras, and more importantly, Instagram’s popular square format.

The main difference between the SQ and the SQ10 is that the latter is said to be a hybrid film/digital camera. FujiRumors says that the device will feature an LCD screen on the back, and a microSD card slot for storing photos.

It wasn’t made clear how exactly the Instax Square SQ10 would work. It might simply function similarly with the regular SQ, but with the added support to print stored photos on the microSD card. It’s also possible that the SQ10 might have a built-in printer for printing digital photos.

Instax Square SQ10
An alleged leaked photo of the Instax Square SQ10 showing its LCD screen on its back. FujiRumors

The latter possibility might prove to be not so great. Polaroid has experimented with that in the past, like with the Snap Touch, but those products always suffered in terms of quality, as pointed out by The Verge. Whichever the case, Fujifilm will still debut the Instax Square SQ for a true instant film photography feel.

FujiRumors claims that Fujifilm will officially announce the Instax Square SQ and Instax Square SQ10 next week on April 19.