Police line
A police scene is pictured on Feb. 26, 2005, in Park City, Kansas. Getty Images

A South Florida woman who was mad at her supervisor ended up throwing searing hot water in his face, leaving him with serious injuries, police said according to local media.

Jondre Thomas, who worked at the 595 Truck Stop in Davie, Florida threw the hot water in his face after she was fired on Friday, according to local station NBC 6. The incident was caught by a nearby surveillance camera.

The footage shows Thomas approaching Claudio Salcedo, who has been her supervisor for the past five months, and they begin to talk. She then moves forwards and dumps the hot water in Salcedo’s face. Salcedo puts his hands up and bends down in pain while Thomas is seen quickly walking away. Salcedo sprung back up and chased after Thomas and a physical brawl ensued. Witnesses then tried to break up the fight, and as they held Salcedo down Thomas ran away from the scene.

Thomas had been working at the 595 Truck Stop for the past five years, according to WPLG Local10. Police said the issue began when Salcedo and his superiors questioned her about money that was missing. Thomas denied taking money and said Salcedo was trying to set her up so she could get fired.

Salcedo was taken to a medical center where he was treated for second and third-degree burns, One of his eyes was also reportedly injured because of the incident. Pictures taken of Salcedo after the attack show multiple burns on his face.

After fleeing the scene, Thomas, 33, was arrested at her home in Dania Beach on Friday. The attacker is being held in the Broward County Sheriff's Office's Main Jail in Fort Lauderdale on a $10,000 bond and has been charged with one count of aggravated battery. The company said she is now fired.