• Apple could release future MacBook models with lighting solutions
  • An Apple patent reveals that the company is considering applying True Tone technology on the keyboard of future MacBook models
  • Apple launched the refresh version of the MacBook Pro a few months ago

Apple is expanding its creativity to one of its products if the recently discovered documents are to go by. It looks like the Cupertino tech giant is planning to introduce another killer feature to its future premium laptop models. According to a new patent filing, Apple is looking into utilizing True Tone on the keyboard of future MacBook models so it could adjust its backlighting automatically.

Based on a recent Apple patent, the Cupertino company is looking into utilizing True Tone technology for the backlight of its keyboard. The patent is titled "Electronic devices having backlit keyboards displays with adjustable white points." It explains how the principles of True Tone could be used to the keyboard of its premium laptop.

The Apple document describes the system that uses the usual backlighting system in the keyboard of the MacBook. However, this time, its keys would have transparent sections that would enable light to pass through. Although it is designed to be controlled by the system for light intensity, the Apple document notes that the white point found on the keys could share the same control level.

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Additionally, the Apple patent mentions that the system could the white point of the keyboard depending on the results of the light sensor, which is the same as the existing setup of True Tone. When the white point is changed, the keyboard can change to meet the color of the device’s temperature. There is also a high likelihood that the keyboard could automatically change autonomously of the setting of the display through the data coming from the ambient light sensor.

In other words, the Apple patent suggests that future MacBook models could have a keyboard with lights, which colors that could be adjusted. However, this does not mean that future MacBook models would have RGB keyboards like those seen in gaming laptops. It is more of a lighting solution that could offer users more convenience and flexibility.

While this idea is exciting, it is worth noting that this is just a patent. Just like other tech companies, Apple has a habit of filing patents that do not see commercial production. As the case, take this information with skepticism.