Galaxy Nexus, the next-generation smartphone from Google and Samsung, makes a great holiday gift. It's the first device to come with the Android system's new update, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). There are dozens of new features in the update, but the Galaxy Nexus itself has plenty to offer for $300. It's got a large 4.65-inch display, and that makes it one of the biggest smartphones in the world. Furthermore, it's quite thin despite the large screen, and it's even slightly curved to make it easier to hold. It's even thinner than the iPhone, and that makes it even more impressive they can cram all that high tech inside. There is still no release date announced, but Galaxy Nexus will run on the Verizon network only. It may come to other carriers eventually, but there is no official word on if or when that would ever happen.

So if you are a Verizon customer and want to add another line for your gifted Galaxy Nexus or if you are signing up just for the phone, check out this list. Start the slideshow for the top 10 reasons the Galaxy Nexus is a great holiday gift.

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