Is Samsung killing off its Galaxy Note series after the Note 7 fiasco? A new report from Russia claims the South Korea giant is contemplating on ending its Note line after the disappointing downfall of its latest flagship phablet. 

According to PhoneArena, an insider from Samsung’s Russian operations has learned that the Note brand is coming apart at the seams following the company’s decision to announce the end of the Galaxy Note 5 successor. Apple’s biggest rival is said to be concerned that the reputation of its Galaxy Note line has been tainted with the series of fire and explosion incidents. 

The unnamed source also detailed that after surveying customers on how they feel about the Galaxy Note brand, 50 percent provided negative feedback. Thus, Samsung is likely to drop the Note name from its future releases. 

The news comes a day after Samsung announced that it was terminating the Galaxy Note 7 entirely — an unusual and drastic move from the South Korean brand known for producing marquee products to rival Apple’s iPhones.

The problem began in August when several reports about exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets surfaced. As per the New York Times, Samsung engineers were quick to conclude at the time that the cause of the issue was the faulty batteries from one of Samsung’s suppliers. In no time, Samsung announced a voluntary recall and replacement program, but the issue resurfaced with the new handsets. 

Because Samsung chose to terminate the sale and production of the Galaxy Note 7, many are wondering about the root cause behind the problematic phablet. The South Korea giant has yet to address this, but it has already revised its quarterly profit guidance as it expects to lose $2.34 billion in the current three-month period.

Engadget reports that though Samsung has already come up with a figure that it is expected to lose this quarter, it would still take a couple of years before the true cost of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is identified. The tech site notes the company is now vulnerable to fines and lawsuits due to the device’s cancellation.