Samsung galaxy s6 and galaxy s6 edge
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge features like IP rating for water resistance and S7 Edge’s battery unit confirmed. Pictured above: Galaxy S6 series. Samsung

Similar to last year’s Galaxy S6 series, Samsung has been rumored to unveil an edge-display clad variant of the Galaxy S7 this year. However, there was no confirmation from the company for a longtime. But now, the South Korean tech giant has unwittingly confirmed the existence of the Galaxy S7 Edge via its Website.

The name “Galaxy S7 Edge” appeared briefly in the developers section of Samsung’s official Website. Portal Galaxy Club has taken a screenshot of the page before Samsung could take it down. This section of the Website explains to the developers how to use the “Look SDK 1.3.0.” This will help the developers in producing apps specific to the unique requirement of the edge display and also for the S Pen stylus specific to the Note lineup.

Moving on to the rumored Galaxy S7 Edge specifications, Phone Arena said that the handset will come with a 5.5-inch display, aided by a QHD screen resolution. It will apparently house a bigger 3,600 mAh battery unit. In comparison, the S7 is believed to feature a 5.1-inch screen and 3,000 mAh battery cell.

The Edge variant will reportedly share the same processor and camera units with the flagship S7. This means, both Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890 will power the handset, based on the country of release.

Camera-wise, a 12-megapixel BRITECELL sensor is expected to be part of the S7 series. Also, credible tipster @onleaks recently tweeted that the camera bump on the rear will be reduced significantly in the upcoming device. While the S6 juts out a mere 1.7 mm, the S7 will apparently be much flatter at 0.8 mm. Since the camera unit is same in both S7 and S7 Edge, it’s safe to assume that the Edge variant will also feature the bump reduction.

To top it off, Samsung will apparently offer three different display options. The choices include -- Quick access, Quick view and Quick control. Rumor has it that the Galaxy S7 Edge will allow users to launch apps and features from the side edge display, Phone Arena reported.

Here is the tweet from @evleaks showing the difference in the protrusion of camera between the S6 and S7: