The Galaxy Note 7 is by now more of a liability than an asset to Samsung; therefore, it isn’t surprising to know that the South Korea tech giant is cooking something special for its next flagship device that could hopefully redeem the company’s reputation following the controversial global recall of its phablet. 

If this new report is to be believed, Samsung could be one-upping Apple by releasing an iPhone 8-like device even before the Cupertino giant could release its 10th year anniversary iPhone. According to PhoneArena, a fresh report from a South Korean publication has outed some of the features of the Galaxy S8 and they appear to be tech elements that would make the device a showstopper. 

The report claims that for its S7 successor, Samsung is planning to get rid of the physical Home button and have the Home button parts and fingerprint sensor embedded directly into the display panel. In addition, the curved-edge display present on the Note 7 would be carried over to the S8, but it would be redesigned in such a manner that would make the front of the device completely bezel-free. 

For its primary camera, the report claims fans can expect dual rear cameras to come with the next flagship. However, the publication stated citing an industry insider that Samsung is still pondering whether it should go with a dual-lens camera setup or a dual rear camera setup. 

The leaked features of the Galaxy S8 may sound very familiar, since Apple is also rumored to be going for the same bezel-less design and display-embedded Home button and fingerprint sensor for its upcoming iPhone 8. Even without rumors to back the idea that the iPhone 8 could be coming with a dual-lens camera setup, there is this big possibility that it is given that the iPhone 7 Plus debuted with the high-end smartphone camera technology.

Just early this week, a patent that has been granted to Apple even appeared to confirm the idea that the 10th year anniversary iPhone is going to sport an edge-to-edge OLED display that would cover the entire front of the handset, leaving no room for bezels to be part of the physical design. The patent also indicated that the fingerprint sensor is going to be placed just behind the OLED display, for it to accurately pick up the user’s fingerprint. 

The reported features may seem very interesting, but since Samsung has yet to confirm anything about its next Galaxy S device, readers should treat this new report with a grain of salt. What’s only clear for now is Samsung could be unveiling the Galaxy S8 in February and releasing it in March 2017. DigitalSpy reports the new handset is likely to debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year, since Samsung’s flagships — starting with the Galaxy S2 — were unveiled at the annual show.