Game of Thrones
“Game of Thrones” season four premiers Sunday, April 6 on HBO. HBO/GameOfThrones

While winter may be in its depths here in the States, it’s only just begun in the “Game of Thrones.” And as the Seven Kingdoms drop down to deadly temperatures, rumors begin to heat up regarding which cast member will be making a splash in season 4 of the HBO fantasy series.

According to reports, Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays the role of Missandei, is one character that fans should definitely look out for. Especially after the 24-year-old actress was boosted to a series regular status — that is, if the show does get a fifth season. But that seems like a bet we’re willing to make.

Wo exactly is Emmanuel and what's the deal with her recently promoted character? Well, let us break it down for you:

Missandei, played by the British actress, is a current servant of Daenerys after she was freed from her former slave master. Now, the young girl stands at the right hand side of Khaleesi as she helps the blond-haired beauty in her attempts to rule the Westeros.

“Missandei is incredibly intelligent and can speak every language under the sun,” Emilia Clarke said of Emmanuel’s wicked smart character. According to reports, the Naathi native has been trained to speak the Common tongue of Westeros, High Valyrian and bastard Valyrian. Jeez, that was a mouthful even for us!

“It was a tough one,” Emmanuel said of learning the “Game of Thrones” languages. “But the guy that created the language, David Peterson, he recorded all the lines so that you could learn it phonetically. So, it’s literally syllable by syllable. Eventually you learn it and it flows together. You get quicker and quicker until it sounds like an actual language.”

And while Clarke’s character sees the benefit of befriending a woman of many languages, there’s more involved in her interest in Missandei than just her tongue. “Dany can see how useful she’ll be but also sees a lot of herself in [Missandei] and can kind of see she’s a young girl who is capable of much more than the position she’s in,” Clarke explained.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Missandei will become "Daenerys’ confidant and trusted adviser.” Emmanuel confirmed the news, teasing that season 4 of “Game of Thrones” would harp on the theme of girl power.

But besides learning about her character, we want to know who Emmanuel is as well. The UK darling is no stranger to the small screen. She appeared in the soap opera “Hollyoaks” as Sasha Valentine and made her musical theater debut as Nala in the West End production of “The Lion King.”

In her spare time, this red carpet star loves to hop on Twitter — and because of the little bird, we’ve learned quite a few things about the “Game of Thrones” beauty, like how she and Jenna Marbles are more similar than you thought. According to Emmanuel’s social media account, not only is she a fan of the YouTube star but she’s also obsessed with her dog Drake. Or at least that's the vibe we get from her slew of puppy portraits.

Emmanuel is also just as crazy over the royals as we are! While at the Audi Polo Challenge back in May, the “Game of Thrones” actress made sure to snap herself a photo of Prince William. “Oh hey Wills!” she captioned the picture of His Royal Highness. And her quirky obsessions don’t end there. Did you know Emmanuel is also a huge fan of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show?” She even has photos of herself decked out in a Magenta costume on Twitter! Well, at least we know that the “Game of Thrones” cast has good taste in movies.

Are you excited to see more of Emmanuel on "Game of Thrones" when the fourth season premieres on April 6? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.