A behind the scenes trailer posted on YouTube on Friday showed fans of George R.R. Martin's epic-fantasy book series A Song of Fire and Ice, new footage from the Game of Thrones RPG. Developed by Cyanide Studios in France, the game's release date is set for May 15 on the Xbox 360 and PS3. You can watch the trailer here.

According to lead game designer Sylvain Sechi, they began working on the game when HBO's series based off Martin's books was still just a rumor.

We started contacting author George R.R. Martin 7 years ago and tried to adapt his universe to create a role playing game, Sechi said in the trailer. The universe of 'Song of Ice and Fire' is a real treat and it offers an unlimited source of inspiration to make a great RPG.

Sechi and his team decided to create new storylines, rather than recreate those that Game of Thrones fans already know by heart. The Cyanide Studios development team worked closely with Martin to develop a new set of characters who fit into Westeros, the world where the books are set, and can follow their own quests while the series' main characters act out their own adventures.

The challenge was to create characters that fit the universe of 'Song of Ice and Fire,' said project director Thomas Veaucclin in the trailer. We wanted them to be anchored in the existing world.

Veaucclin adds that the team spent days working directly with Martin to make sure the new heroes, enemies and quests worked within his world.

[Martin] gave us valuable information and feedback, he said.

The game follows to main characters, switching back and forth as the narrative progresses. The story will open on Morse Westeford, a member of the Knight's Watch and an experienced tracker. Morse is also a 'skinchanger,' meaning that he can send his mind into his dog to control it.

He's a dark guy, notes Sechi.

Players will also control Alester Sarwyck, the heir of Riverspring who returns home for his father's funeral after disappearing for 15 earlier. Upon his return he is forced to deal with complex political struggle. Sarwyck is a red priest who can control fire using magic. Unlike, Morse, he's a more diplomatic in his problem solving.

He's more into tricks and dexterity said Sechi.

While the gameplay focuses on new characters you will interact with central figures from the series from time to time.

Take care if you cross the path of Cersei Lannister, warns Sechi.

Although there is only one storyline, choices made during the game will have both long and short term consequences. An important factor in the game is decision-based conversations, in which you can see what your character is thinking.

You can choose between three character classes for each hero, leaving plenty of room for character development. There are five main attributes to build up, including strength, agility, luck. You can also offset your strengths against related weaknesses.

The game follows the book's lead, and includes both violent and sexually explicit content, though not as much as the HBO show in an effort to get a 15+ rating. At least two settings in the game are brothels, however.

According to developers Cyanide Studio, who are best known for Blood Bowl, which mixed the violence of Warhammer with Football, the game should last around 25 to 40 hours.