Gear Best Epic New Year Sale
The year-end promotional offer from Gear Best allows users to avail massive discounts on tech products. Gear Best

Gear Best has started a new promotional campaign for the year end sales. The Chinese retailer giant is offering huge discounts on fitness products, smartwatches, tablets, smartphones and tech devices like projector, TV boxes and more.

Gear Best has launched its new promotional offer to help its customers fulfil their resolutions they will make for the upcoming year. One of the most common promises people at the start of a new year is that they will make efforts to become fitter and healthier than before. Hence, the Chinese retailer is offering discounts on numerous health and fitness products.

The original Xiaomi Mi Band is now available for $10.09 from its regular price of $19.75. I5 Plus Smart Bluetooth 4.0’s price has been slashed from $27.98 to $17.99. Q3 Balance Scooter is now listed for $274.99 from its normal price of $530.68.

Another promise that people usually make for a new year is that will spend more time family members than before. Hence, Gear Best is offering attractive discounts of TV boxes and projectors to assist family members to spend quality time with each other.

The Beelink X2 Android 4.4 TV box is available for $29.68 from its normal price of $62.59. The Ki Plus TV Box is listed for $39.99 from its regular cost of $80.27. The price of Sunvell T95 TV box is also available for $39.99 from its usual cost of $62.90.

The MDI M8 3000LM projector’s price has been slashed from $1,229 to $383.68. The GM60 LCD projector is now available for $76.89 from its normal price of $206.49. Some of the smartphones, tablets and smartwatches that are available at discounted rates include OnePlus 2, Meizu M2, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, Xiaomi Mi 4C, Bluboo Uwatch, Chuwi Vi10 10.6-inch tablet and Onda V919 Air tablet.