• "Genshin Impact" 2.3 will reportedly release on Nov. 24
  • The update could introduce two new 4-star characters
  • MiHoYo has not yet revealed "Genshin Impact" Update 2.3 featured characters

Chinese gaming studio miHoYo will roll out a new patch for "Genshin Impact" on Wednesday, but before the new update drops, various industry insiders have shared interesting details about Update 2.3, including the identity of the characters coming to the game.

One of the characters believed to launch in "Genshin Impact" 2.3 is Arataki Itto, industry insider Wangsheng Funeral Parlor revealed. On Discord, the insider claimed Arataki Itto will appear in Update 2.3 but he is not available now in the game's gacha pool.

Itto is described as a passionate and competitive man with an intimidating height. A Geo character, Itto is reportedly a member of a gang and has Kuki Ninja as a sidekick. 

The Raiden Shogun using her Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact The Raiden Shogun using her Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact Photo: MiHoYo

He reportedly has two horns, which could mean he is an oni. In one of the messages he left on a board in Ritou, he called himself Arataki "The Oni Sumo King" Itto.

Another character believed to arrive in the "Genshin Impact" 2.3 patch is the 4-star Geo bow user Gorou. If this is accurate, he would be the first archer to have the power of Geo.  

He is an important member of the Inazuman resistance and fans have long been waiting for his release in the game. The Geo character is expected to appear in the Albedo banner.

Aside from Gorou, another character anticipated to arrive in Update 2.3 is Thoma.  The 4-star Pyro Polearm user is believed to launch alongside Hu Tao in a rerun banner

Thoma's playstyle is still unknown but he is known as a supportive and helpful person in the game's narrative, which could suggest some of his abilities. It appears that Update 2.3 will have the Albedo and Hu Tao banners with Gorou and Thoma as 4-star characters of each banner.

As for the release date of "Genshin Impact" 2.3, nothing is official at the moment. However, if the release pattern of miHoyo is of any indication, fans can expect the update to roll out on Nov. 24. 

miHoyo has not yet confirmed that these characters would indeed arrive in the game through the 2.3 patch.