• "Genshin Impact" update 1.5 is now live
  • The recent update introduced the Serenitea Pot gadget
  • It allows players to access their abode in "Genshin Impact"

"Genshin Impact" Update 1.5 introduced a remarkable feature that fans have long been requesting -- the housing system. One way to gauge how well players operate within this new in-game system is through the Adeptal Energy Rank. Going up the ranks and reaching the Humble Abode rank unlocks all sorts of valuable rewards.

How To Boost Adeptal Energy Rank

The latest housing system in "Genshin Impact" features 10 ranks for players to reach. This ranges from Bare-Bones to Luxury. To boost the Adeptal Energy Level, players need to get the required amount of Adeptal Energy. As players increase the level of their Adeptal energy rank, the rate of accumulating Realm Currency also increases. 

The Real Currency is the in-game currency that players use to purchase blueprints from Tubby. These blueprints enable players to access additional structures and furnishings that they could build. In other words, the fastest way for "Genshin Impact" players to increase their Adeptal Energy Rank is by placing more items in their realm.

Version 1.4 "Invitation of Windblume" Trailer | Genshin Impact Songs of joy in the winds are streaming, Beneath the flowers old hymns abide; Though you should seek the festivity's meaning, Forget not that which your hearts do hide. Photo: Genshin Impact YouTube Channel

To be able to see the amount of Adeptal Energy generated in every furniture or object placement, players just need to check it out in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The number displayed next to Tubby's icon when players open up the option to place items is the amount of Adeptal Energy generated within the realm. It is worth noting that Adeptal Energy varies in every item, with larger structures generating the most amount of energy. 

On the other hand, small items like trees and rocks generate a smaller amount of Adeptal Energy. Although compared to bigger structures, small items have a lesser energy output; players could still get the most from these items when multiple similar items are places within the realm. This means that while some players would prioritize building large structures to maximize Adeptal Energy Rank, they should not avoid smaller items.

How To Reach Humble Abode Rank

Reaching the next Adeptal Energy Rank, which is the Humble Abode, is not an easy task. The rank requires 2000 Adeptal Energy, which means players would have to do a lot of grinding to achieve it. It is not a quick process, but with sheer diligence, it is easily achievable. "Genshin Impact" Players need to farm resources and build lots of items and furnishings so they could place them within their realm to generate more Adeptal energy.