• Kamisato Ayato can deal high DPS within his limited power window
  • He works best when used with a secondary DPS carry
  • Ayato synergizes very well with Beidou

Kamisato Ayato is the latest five-star character introduced in “Genshin Impact” version 2.6. As one of the few Hydro characters in the game, he is surprisingly flexible with good potential for dealing damage and providing teamwide support.

The scion of the Kamisato family works very well as a DPS unit thanks to the cooldown on his Elemental Skill, which also serves as his primary source of damage. As a Hydro character, he synergizes very well with other units that can lay the foundations for Vaporize reactions or the reliable taser comps with Electro characters.

Best Ayato Weapons

The new Haran Geppaku Futsu is Ayato’s signature weapon, and it’s arguably the best option he has. This sword can buff his Normal Attack damage by up to 40% while also bumping up his CRIT Rate and Elemental DMG by healthy amounts.

Players who don’t have this weapon can choose between the Primordial Jade Cutter or the Mistsplitter instead, as both can buff Ayato’s damage significantly via their passive effects. As for F2P options, the Amenoma Kageuchi and Lion’s Roar are both solid options.

Ayato using his Elemental Burst - Genshin Impact
Ayato using his Elemental Burst miHoYo

Ayato Artifacts

Players should go with the usual DPS setup if they want to maximize Ayato’s damage output. Also, consider stacking HP only as a secondary stat as he still benefits far more from damage stats as far as DPS is concerned.

For artifact sets, players can go with ones that stack damage bonuses like Heart of Depths, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence or Gladiator’s Finale. The four-piece bonus for Heart of Depths is great if players plan to make heavy use of elemental reactions.

Ayato Team Comps and Synergies

Ayato works best with characters that have off-field abilities like Xiangling, Beidou and Thoma. Beidou, in particular, synergizes extremely well with him since her Elemental Burst can activate off of Ayato’s Hydro blades from his Elemental Skill.

He also works very well in Freeze teams as his own Elemental Burst can constantly apply the Wet status on enemies, making him an excellent support character for units like Ganyu, Ayaka and Rosaria. Ayato’s Elemental Burst also applies a 15% attack speed buff to all allies, which can be very valuable for characters like Eula and the Raiden Shogun.