• The Thunder Sojourn event involves a variety of different challenges to accomplish
  • The first challenge, Bolt Blitz, is similar to timed race activities found in the open world
  • More challenges will unlock in the coming days

The first event for “Genshin Impact 2.0” is now available, taking players all throughout Inazuma in a series of challenges designed to test their speed, skill and strategies to collect as many resources for the Alcor’s chief technical officer.

Unlike other events in “Genshin Impact,” Thunder Sojourn is comprised of multiple challenges that are spread out through the event’s runtime.

There are four different challenges in this event: Bolt Blitz, Lightning Round, Weaving Lightning and Automaton Front. Each challenge has its own set of rules and objectives, keeping this event relatively fresh throughout its duration.

The first challenge, Bolt Blitz, is similar to the “Straight To The Heart” daily commissions given by the Adventurer’s Guild. Players must go from point A to point B before the timer runs out. Enemies can be defeated along the way to increase the remaining time on the clock, and players are rewarded based on how much time is left upon reaching the finish line.

Genshin Impact's Thunder Sojourn event involves many different challenges spread across its duration
Genshin Impact's Thunder Sojourn event involves many different challenges spread across its duration Genshin Impact

Instead of wind currents, players will have to use Electrograna and Thunder Spheres to traverse the environment quickly. If a player has an Electrogranum with them, they will be able to quickly pull themselves toward floating Thunder Spheres, allowing them to dart over and around terrain.

Any character should be able to complete Bolt Blitz easily. However, players should bring AoE units like Eula and Beidou to one-shot clumps of slimes for extra time. Archers are also recommended for challenge nodes that involve crossbow-wielding Hilichurls perched on top of towers.

Players must complete the “Ritou Escape Plan” quest first before they can explore the islands. In case they run into any problems regarding travel restrictions, players should also finish the “Chisato’s Letter” quest as well.

Exploring all of the available Inazuman islands is highly recommended for this event as the challenge nodes are scattered all over the region. This will also make reaching the future challenge nodes much easier.

The rest of Thunder Sojourn’s challenges will be unlocked over the coming days, giving players enough time to do the event and explore the rest of the available Inazuman islands at their leisure.