• Albedo is a Geo character with strong off-field DPS and decent team utility
  • He excels at supplementing his team's damage with strong bursts of Geo damage
  • Albedo is versatile and can fit in most team compositions

Albedo offers a consistent and fairly reliable source of off-field damage that not many offensive support characters in “Genshin Impact” can provide. As a Geo user, he can deal rock-solid damage while also generating elemental shields even without being on the field.

For many players, Albedo is a top-tier support who can fit in many different team compositions thanks to the nature of his abilities. However, he requires a fair bit of commitment in terms of gearing and leveling, and Albedo’s fullest potential can only be reached with particular team compositions.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Albedo, along with his best builds and synergies for “Genshin Impact” version 2.3.

Albedo’s Playstyle

Albedo is primarily used as an off-field DPS with a bit of team-wide buff utility. All players need to do is keep his Elemental Skill, Solar Isotoma, active at all times so he can deal periodic AoE Geo damage to all enemies in an area.

Collected Miscellany - "Albedo: Kreideprinz" | Genshin Impact "Soil and chalk, the universe and earth, pure dust and the birth of human life... There is no mistaking it." Photo: Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

This makes Albedo great for quick swap and elemental combo teams as he can allow the party’s main damage dealers to wreak havoc while essentially increasing their DPS output. Make sure to use Albedo’s Elemental Burst, Tectonic Tide, every time it’s off-cooldown and only when a Solar Isotoma is active to deal the most damage.

Best Weapons for Albedo

The recently-added Cinnabar Spindle is arguably the best sword for Albedo as of Patch 2.3. This sword synergizes extremely well with Albedo’s off-field damage kit as well as his DEF stat scaling. Unfortunately, the Cinnabar Spindle can only be obtained during 2.3’s Shadow Amidst Snowstorms event.

Alternatively, players can use the Festering Desire — another event-limited weapon — or the humble 3-star Harbinger of Dawn to maximize Albedo’s CRIT Rate.

Best Artifacts and Team Comps for Albedo

Albedo’s Elemental Skill scales off his DEF stat, so try to stack as much DEF on him as possible. Additionally, Geo DMG, CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG are all great stats on him.

The new Opulent Dreams set also synergizes well with his kit as it ramps up both his DEF and Geo DMG stats. Alternatively, two pieces of the Archaic Petra and Noblesse Oblige artifacts can also work well with him. Players can consider the Tenacity of the Millelith set if they want to use Albedo as a buffer.

As for teams, Albedo can fit in almost every composition. However, he can shine brighter with another Geo character like Zhongli or Noelle to activate Geo Resonance. Albedo can also buff the team’s Elemental Mastery with his Burst ability, making him an excellent pick for Elemental Reaction teams like Raiden and Tartaglia or XIngqiu and Hu Tao.