• Yun Jin is a 4-star Geo Polearm user with a strong shield and powerful auto attack buffs
  • Her Elemental Skill is similar to Beidou's Tidecaller
  • She works best in a Physical DPS team as a shield generator and buffer

One of the two new upcoming characters for “Genshin Impact” is Yun Jin, the star performer of Liyue’s Heyu Teahouse, adding yet again to the game’s growing list of Geo characters and Polearm users.

Unlike Shenhe’s affinity for buffing allies and debuffing enemies, Yun Jin features a slower-paced playstyle that’s heavy on defense, counter-attacks and shield generation. This new character’s abilities were recently posted on the Honey Impact database, giving players a glimpse of her kit as of the current beta version for “Genshin Impact.”

Yun Jin’s Elemental Skill is Whirling Opener. Holding the skill button puts Yun Jin in the Cloud-Grazing Form stance, which creates a Geo barrier around her that will block all incoming damage while charging up for a big counter-attack.

Blocking enough hits will cause Yun Jin to deal heavy Geo damage based on her DEF stat in an area around her. Simply tapping the skill button will unleash a weaker attack. This skill is very similar to Beidou’s Tidecaller but with a sturdier shield and without the instant counter ability.

Yn Jin is an upcoming Geo Polearm user in Genshin Impact 2.4 Yn Jin is an upcoming Geo Polearm user in Genshin Impact 2.4 Photo: miHoYo

Yun Jin’s Elemental Burst is Cliffbreaker’s Banner, which deals AoE Geo damage and grants party members the Flying Cloud Flag Formation buff.

This buff allows friendly units to deal additional Geo damage every time their normal attack hits an enemy. The damage is based on Yun Jin’s DEF and only applies to the first 30 normal attacks upon receiving the buff.

There appears to be no cooldown between Geo damage instances, so characters that have multi-hit basic attacks like Kazuha, Xiangling, Rosaria, Eula and Keqing can make excellent use of this buff.

Based on her abilities, Yun Jin works best in Physical damage teams since the constant application of Geo from normal attacks can potentially mess up big elemental combos. On the other hand, she can be great for constantly generating Cryo or Electro shields thanks to her Elemental Burst, and her own Tidecaller-like ability can make her very valuable in fights against hard-hitting opponents.

Yun Jin will be a 4-star character, which means that she’ll be easier to obtain compared to Shenhe once “Genshin Impact” Patch 2.4 goes live next year.