• Eula is best used in a Superconduct team in “Genshin Impact”
  • Support characters should provide maximum Superconduct uptime or other similar effects
  • Diona is a top-tier support character for Eula

Less than a week since her release, Eula has proven that she belongs in the top of the damage dealer category in “Genshin Impact” thanks to her absurd damage multipliers and her consistency in applying both Freeze and Superconduct in specific teams.

Building Eula is a bit of a no-brainer in terms of weapons and artifacts — use whatever gives her as much damage as possible. On the other hand, building a good team that complements her playstyle is a little nuanced because of how her abilities interact with other characters.

Here’s a short guide exploring the teams to use together with Eula, the Spindrift Knight.

Understanding Eula’s Abilities

Despite being a Cryo character, Eula is primarily a physical damage dealer. Her basic attacks are her primary source of damage.

The held version of Eula’s Elemental Skill further emphasizes this by applying a Phys and Cryo RES debuff on enemies upon making contact. Meanwhile, the tap version of this skill applies Cryo in a wide arc around Eula every three seconds, which is about the same amount of time she takes to finish one basic attack combo.

Eula dominates the battlefield with style and grace - Genshin
Eula dominates the battlefield with style and grace Genshin Impact

Her Elemental Burst also gets stronger for every attack that Eula lands, making her a hypercarry similar to Hu Tao and Razor.

An ideal team comp for Eula won’t necessarily have to be centered around buffing her damage as she brings plenty of DPS on her own. Instead, players should aim to maximize elemental reaction uptime as well as healing or defense.

Best Teams For Eula

As a Cryo character with a consistent source of Physical damage, Eula is best used in a Superconduct team. Fischl with Tenacity of the Millelith can greatly buff Eula’s damage output through Phys RES shred, while Beidou can provide a constant stream of Electro DMG that bounces between enemies.

Zhongli and Noelle can be good defensive options for a Eula team, but arguably the most important member of a Eula team will have to be Diona.

Diona not only provides shields and heals, but she’s also a good Cryo battery that can help charge Eula’s Burst ability, which costs 80 energy to cast. Diona will also activate Cryo Resonance, which will buff Eula’s DPS by adding some extra CRIT Rate to her attacks.

Top-tier supports like Venti, Bennett and Xingqiu are ultimately not required because Eula can already deal damage extremely well. Due to this, these supports can be reserved for a secondary party for Abyss runs, giving players more flexibility with their character options.