• The gate is located above the Northern entrance to the Starglow Cavern
  • Players will need to find three boxes scattered around Dragonspine
  • The room will contain Luxurious Chests and an Ancient Carving

Like the rest of “Genshin Impact’s” areas, the frozen mountain region of Dragonspine between Mondstadt and Liyue is chock-full of secrets, from hidden chests to plentiful resources that Travelers can use on their journey. However, some secrets in this area require a bit more effort to unlock than the rest.

Above one of the cave entrances to the Starglow Cavern is a large stone gate that’s locked behind a mechanism. This lock will require three items before players can open them. There are no quest markers that say where these items are, so finding them can be a bit confusing.

This secret room is an important part of a larger secret hidden deep inside Dragonspine. Here’s how to open the gate and claim the loot inside.

Collecting the boxes

The secret gate requires three boxes, namely the Scribe Box, Priest Box and Princess Box. These boxes are scattered around Dragonspine, and they’re quite easy to miss, especially for players who despise playing against the area’s Sheer Cold mechanic.

Luckily, claiming each box doesn’t require much effort. Here’s a map showing their locations and brief descriptions of each.

The locations of each box required to open Dragonspine's secret room
The locations of each box required to open Dragonspine's secret room Genshin Impact
  • Scribe Box – Located on a tombstone near the teleporter between Starglow Cavern and Entombed City Outskirts. Offer three Cecilia flowers to the tombstone to reveal the chest containing the box.
  • Priest Box – Found on top of a ruined tower near the road bend south of Wyrmrest Valley. Collect the three Anemograna to create an updraft that leads to the top of the tower. The chest will be sitting there with a few Crystalflies around it.
  • Princess Box – There is an islet to the East of the Snow-Covered Path teleporter. Interact with the sword in the middle of the islet and fight off the three Abyss Mages that spawn to reveal the chest.

Opening the gate

Once all of the boxes are collected, head to the secret room and offer all of them to the device. The secret room is located above the cave entrance by the Northeastern teleporter that leads to Starglow cavern. This can be reached by heading directly South from the Statue of the Seven by the Ancient Palace.

Inside the room are Luxurious Chests and an Ancient Carving that will open the locked Vault Door inside the Ancient Palace. This carving is required if players want to obtain the Snow-Tombed Starsilver claymore.