• Jean is a great character for fulfilling Sub-DPS and Heal/Support roles
  • She has a strong CC ability that can group enemies together
  • Jean scales well off of ATK, increasing both her damage and healing power

Jean is one of the few Anemo characters in “Genshin Impact” that are available so far. She is a great choice for players who want a support healer unit with plenty of CC and high damage potential. However, Jean is a bit less straightforward when it comes to how her kit is best used.

Her ability to manipulate enemy positioning makes her a very viable pick for Spiral Abyss teams, and since she’s an Anemo character, Jean can easily soften up enemies for the rest of the party’s damage dealers to take advantage of. However, maximizing her potential will require a fair amount of investment and a bit of knowledge on how her kit works.

Here’s a short guide on the best builds for Jean and some tips on how to use her effectively.

Jean’s Playstyle

Jean treads the border between the Sub-DPS and Support roles. Players are incentivized to increase her ATK stat because her Elemental Burst’s heal scales off of ATK, while her ascension passive grants her increased healing power. Not only will her Burst deal significant Anemo damage, but it will also restore her party’s HP back to full.

Genshin Impact - Jean's Charged Attacks can lift enemies up into the air
Jean's Charged Attacks can lift enemies up into the air. Genshin Impact

Her Charged Attack will lift enemies up into the air, which can be combined with her Elemental Skill to launch enemies even farther upwards. This will cause enemies to take high damage once they hit the ground, making this technique essential for players who want to maximize her damage output.

Lastly, her Elemental Skill can be held down. This will draw in all enemies near Jean, grouping them up for a big combo.

Best Jean Builds

Jean can be built as either a hybrid DPS/Support or purely as a support character.

Players who want Hybrid Jean will want to use either Gladiator’s Finale or Pale Flame mixed with a two-piece Viridescent Venerer to buff her Physical and Anemo damage output. High ATK stats will naturally increase her healing power as well. For substats, focus on stacking ATK with a nice mix of CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG.

For Support Jean, it’s best to use the four-piece Viridescent Venerer for the strong elemental resistance debuff while focusing on Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery. This will make her useful even when off-field while giving the rest of the party strong heals and decent energy generation.

Recommended Weapons

Jean works well with the Sacrificial Sword, Favonius Sword, Aquila Favonia and Skyward Blade. Any sword with Energy Recharge or bonus ATK will work great on her as well considering her Burst heal’s ATK scaling.