• "Genshin Impact" features a gacha system that requires players to spend wished to unlock characters
  • But there are tricks that players could use to unlock five characters in the game
  • "Genshin Impact" is playable on PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices

The gacha system in “Genshin Impact” means people obtain characters through wishes, sometimes with actual money being spent. While some players spend their time collecting wishes, which would be used to unlock characters, there is an easy way to unlock seven characters without spending special wishes. Here are some “Genshin Impact” characters and the steps to get them for free.

Kaeya- Cryo

Kaeya is available to “Genshin Impact” players who have completed the quest to stop a mysterious storm. Players can reach this quest by following the in-gamy story.

“Genshin Impact” players should proceed to some temples. The second temple unlocks Kaeya. While some players find her as an average character, she does a decent job for beginners.

Barbara- Hydro

The easiest character to obtain for free is also one of the best healers in “Genshin Impact”--Barbara. Players can unlock her if they create their account before Nov. 11. The date is is also the scheduled release of the 1.1 patch.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact - State of Play Gameplay Trailer | PS4 Genshin Impact/YouTube Screenshot

Xiangling- Pyro

Adventure Level 20 players need to unlock Spiral Abyss and get to the third-floor chamber 3 to unlock Xiangling. She is one of the best DPS to be at the player’s party. She works well with Barbara.

Lisa- Electro

Following the story of the game, players can unlock Lisa at the third temple. She is an Electro-magician and a good one to use in the game. Her skills include jumping around wet enemies. With Kaeya and Amber, “Genshin Impact” players can use Lisa to quickly clear camps.

Traveller Twins- Anemo or Geo

“Genshin Impact” players are given the choice to choose between one of the two siblings at the beginning of the game. These siblings always show at special events and cutscenes. They are considered five-star characters in the game. They begin using Anemo at the start but can switch to the Geo variant as the game progresses.

“Genshin Impact” is currently available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices. The game is confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch.