• "Genshin Impact" has seven nations that players can explore
  • For now, only Liyue and Mondstadt are explorable
  • Rumors have it that Inazuma might be introduced in "Genshin Impact" soon

Since October last year, "Genshin Impact" fans have been talking about the Inazuma region as well as the possible characters and weapons that might be introduced along with it. Gaming studio miHoYo has not yet shown any indication that it would introduce the region soon. Interestingly, a plethora of leaks revealing the location's map, characters, and potential release date are now making rounds online.

What Is Inazuma in "Genshin Impact"

Inazuma is a Japanese-themed location in"Genshin Impact" and one of the seven nations that's not yet available in the game. In Japanese, the term Inazuma means lightning, suggesting that it could be an Electro region. NPCs in the game are usually shown sporting outfits with a strong resemblance to the Japanese Kimono.

Based on the lore, the people in this region worship different gods including The Electro Archon-the Inazuma Bakufu and the Raiden Shogun Baal. Recently, the government has taken a stance of isolationism with the Inazuma Bakufu starting to revoke Electro visions from its holders. As for its specific place on the map, Inazuma is apparently located on the other side of the ocean, according to an Inazuma native who escaped to Liyue. Fans anticipate that players might need a ship to get into the region.

Genshin Impact Genshin Impact - State of Play Gameplay Trailer | PS4 Photo: Genshin Impact/YouTube Screenshot

Inazuma Characters

Like other regions in "Genshin Impact," several playable characters might launch alongside the region. This includes Ayaka, Scaramouche and the Electron Archon Baal. Kamisato Ayaka is one of the playable characters in the game's closed beta and heavily rumored to be related to the region. The dress she is wearing in the beta is a giveaway that the girl is from the Japanese-themed nation.

Zhongli mentioned something about Inazuma's Electro Archon, Baal in the final part of the main story of Liyue. The character holds a lot of titles, including the Shogun of Inazuma Bakufu. Scaramouche is also rumored to be one of the Inazuma characters. He introduced himself in-game not only as one of the Fatui Harbringers but also as the Vagrant of Inazuma. Fans believe, he could be one of the main villains in the region.

Release Date

There are rumors claiming that Inazuma might not arrive in "Genshin Impact" until update 1.6. Zhongli's lines confirmed that Inazuma would be the next region to be made available in the game. It would be safe to say that small details about the region might be in the game's lore in update 1.4. Based on miHoYo's release pattern, fans could expect Update 1.6 sometime in June 2021.