• Keqing is the featured character in "Genshin Impact" wish banner
  • She is the second character in the wish banner released under update 1.3
  • Based on leaks, Hu Tao is scheduled to arrive Mar. 2

Gaming studio miHoYo recently rolled out Keqing as the featured character of the second banner of "Genshin Impact" update 1.3. Still, several leaks offered interesting details about the next character banner, including the featured character, accompanying four-star characters and potential release date.

Next "Genshin Impact" Character Banner

Hu Tao is the next featured character in the last banner of "Genshin Impact" update 1.3, according to rumors. While nothing has been officially revealed about the next character banner, fans believed that the game's recent patch notes suggest it. After Xiao and Keqing, the notes hint that more wish banners will be released for update 1.3.

Industry insiders previously leaked that Hu Tao would be introduced through a quest. These claims are backed by multiple codes unearthed on the game files. There are also rumors that if not Hu Tao, miHoYo might roll out Yaoyao as the next featured character in the game's upcoming wish banner. 

New Character Demo - "Keqing: Yuheng of the Qixing" | Genshin Impact All people believe Rex Lapis' rule to be solid as bedrock. Keqing alone sees Liyue's prosperity as a castle built of and upon seaside sand. But even she could not have expected the high tide to come in so quickly... Photo: Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

Four-Star Characters

Considering that Hu Tao is a fan-favorite character even before she officially launches in the game, miHoyo might release much weaker companion characters along with her. The general prediction is that Chongyun, Razor, and Fischl or Sucrose might be in the next banner. This is founded on several notions, including characters cannot appear two patches consecutively, accompanying characters cannot share the same elements and the next banner could not include Lisa, Keaya and Amber.

Release Date

Based on leaks, Hu Tao is scheduled to arrive Mar. 2 in "Genshin Impact."  This seems to align with the Keqing banner schedule, which is slated to end on the same day. Additionally, if miHoYo's release pattern is to go by, the Hu Tao banner might last for a couple of weeks, just like Xiao and Keqing's.

It is worth noting that these details are unofficial and unsubstantiated. In other words, fans should temper their expectations and take this information with a pinch of salt.

"Genshin Impact" is now available on various gaming platforms. This includes PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices. The hit gacha title is in the works for Nintendo Switch and PS5.