• "Genshin Impact" fans want miHoYo to unlock the Inazuma region
  • Rumors have it that the Inazuma region might unlock in "Genshin Impact 2.0"
  • Devs have not said anything related to the most-requested region

"Genshin impact" is currently on its 1.4 version but rumors about update 1.5 and the Inazuma region are rife online. Recently, a new set of information about the highly-anticipated electro region was leaked. The leak reveals the potential release date of the Inazuma region, as well as the characters and weapons anticipated to launch with it.

Inazuma Release Date

A new report claims that the Inazuma region might unlock in "Genshin Impact 2.0." Citing a "credible" industry insider, the report believes that the update would not only unlock the electro region but also introduce a new story quest and a couple of characters. This includes Kazuha and Tohama, who have been leaked in the past.

"Genshin Impact" players, however, are hoping that the highly-anticipated region would unlock in update 1.5. The said game's version is currently on beta test and devs usually hold this kind of public testing if they have something big to introduce. Unlocking a new region like Inazuma in the hit gacha game could be a major magnet to players.

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It could roll out a lot of story quests, new weapons, characters and areas to explore. If the region unlocks in update 1.5, fans could expect it to launch in the game sometime this April. However, if the leaks shared by multiple industry insiders about update 1.5 are to be believed, there is no indication that the rumored region would unlock sooner. Rumors have it that it might happen in update 1.6 or later.

New Weapon Prototypes

Meanwhile, content creator Sekopoko shared on YouTube that a brand new set of weapon prototypes will launch alongside Inazuma. Citing the region's potential location, the content creator believes that the new weapon might belong to the Eastlander category. At present, all weapons in the game belong to the Northlander category.

New Characters

Based on earlier rumors, Ayaka of the Kamisato House is one of the top characters leaked to arrive alongside the Inazuma region's launch. Tohma, the rumored boyfriend of Ayaka, is also expected to arrive in the game as a free character. Apparently, Kazuha is another five-star that might launch along with the Inazuma region.