• Xiao and Ganyu might return in the limited-time gacha in the next major update
  • Shenhe may be released in time for the Lantern Rite Festival next year
  • An official announcement is expected in next month's devstream

Rumors of what could possibly be the upcoming banners for “Genshin Impact’s” next patch are circulating online, giving Liyue fans a glimmer of hope that two of the region’s most popular characters may have their first rerun banners soon.

After news about Eula and Albedo reruns broke, “Genshin Impact” fans have started speculating that the other 5-star characters might receive similar treatments in the future — a guess that may happen in the future after the possibility of a Ganyu and Xiao double rerun was leaked, Dual Shockers reported.

Roughly one month ago, Reddit user XenoVX claimed that both Xiao and Ganyu will be appearing in the 2.4 update in separate banners under the same patch version. At the time, the community mostly dismissed this supposed leak as just another hopeful wish, but this same user also called the now-official Eula and Albedo rerun for patch 2.3, giving them some degree of credibility.

Both Xiao and Ganyu rank high above the DPS chart in “Genshin Impact.” When built properly, both characters can deal tons of damage, trivializing most of the open-world combat encounters while also allowing for very fast Abyss clears should the right modifiers be present at the time.

Ganyu is a very strong Cryo DPS with plenty of AoE attacks - Genshin Impact Ganyu is a very strong Cryo DPS with plenty of AoE attacks Photo: Genshin Impact

Should this leak prove to be true, then fans will still have roughly one whole month to save up for Xiao and Ganyu once the 2.4 patch goes live on Jan. 5.

Additionally, XenoVX claimed that the previously-leaked character Shenhe, an alleged catalyst user, will also make an appearance in the upcoming 2.4 update. They also said that Yae Miko may appear much later in Patch 2.5.

The reruns and the release of a new Liyue character would certainly make sense as Patch 2.4 falls within the time window for the annual Lantern Rite Festival.

It’s likely that Ganyu and Xiao’s banners will be featured on the first half of the new patch, while Shenhe’s will be the main banner of the second half, assuming that she’s a new 5-star character.

There’s still a bit of time before Patch 2.4 goes live, and an official announcement regarding the first character banners of 2022 is expected to be confirmed in a devstream next month.