• "Genshin Impact" will soon launch Hu Tao 
  • Aside from Hu Tao, another most-awaited character is Rosaria
  • She is expected to arrive in "Genshin Impact" in update 1.4

Chinese gaming studio miHoYo earlier confirmed that Hu Tao is coming to "Genshin Impact." Interestingly, a reliable industry insider recently leaked animations of another most awaited character, Rosaria.

A short video showcasing the charged attack, swimming and diving animations of Rosaria was leaked online by Twitter user Dimbreath (via AltChar ), citing industry insider Lumie_lumie as its source. Based on the leaked footage, it appears that Rosaria's charged attack is similar to that of other women polearm users. Rosaria also seemed to begin her normal attacks combo fast, making her an interesting character worthy of a pull.

Other "Genshin Impact" fans noticed that the video shows not only Rosaria's attack animations but also the army of abyss mages seemingly holding Staff of Homas. Other than those, nothing much was revealed in the video, but it was enough to delight fans. Rosaria is one of the most-anticipated four-star characters.

Rosaria as seen in the Japanese voice actress reveal trailer for Genshin Impact Rosaria as seen in the Japanese voice actress reveal tweet for Genshin Impact Photo: @Genshin_7/Genshin Impact JP Official Twitter Account

She first appeared during the Dragonspine events following Albedo's release in update 1.2. She is a member of the Church of Favnonious in Mondstadt. The Cryo character's Elemental Burst is called Last Rides and features two parts. It enables her to slash nearby enemies before striking them down using an ice lance that deals with massive Cryo damage.

Meanwhile, her Elemental Skill, called Ravaging Confession, enables her to surfaced behind a target opponent and cut them using her polearm while causing Cryo damage. Her Passive Talents include Nightwalk, Extracted Confession and Shadow Samaritan. As for her Constellations, HoneyHunterWorld reveals that it includes Unholy Revelation, Land Without Promise, Sacrament of Penance, Amazing Disgrace, Extreme Unction and Divine Retribution. 

Gaming studio miHoYo has not yet revealed any information about Rosaria or if she is really coming to "Genshin Impact." However, several industry insiders believe that she will be the only new four-star character that might be introduced in update 1.4. As for her appearance, Rosaria wears a nun's habit that perfectly fits her body. Hu Tao is coming soon in "Genshin Impact," If rumors are accurate, Rosaria will arrive too after the Venti banner in the upcoming update.