• "Genshin Impact" Update 2.0 is now live
  • The next patch is anticipated to roll out in September
  • More details about "Genshin Impact" 2.1 surfaced online recently

While some gamers are still updating their version of "Genshin Impact" after miHoYo released Update 2.0 last week, leaks have surfaced online revealing some interesting details on what to expect in the next update.

Industry insider Genshin Report shared a new set of exciting details about "Genshin Impact" Update 2.1 on Twitter on Friday. The Chinese gaming studio will likely introduce a new fishing mechanic in the next patch of the game. Moreover, the insider mentioned that fans could look forward to the debut of Watasumi in the upcoming update.

For those who are not familiar with the term, Watasumi is one of the islands of the recently launched nation of Inazuma. The location, which was previously announced by the developer, has not yet been added to the game. Watasumi is known for its colorful and dense foliage and the insider shared the image of the upcoming location on Twitter.

Another interesting detail that the insider shared was the new boss that players would have to face in "Genshin Impact" Update 2.1. The insider also posted an image of the new boss, La Signora. Industry insider Lumie also shared a video showcasing the renders of Baal, Kokomi and Sara.

MiHoYo appears to have officially confirmed some details about the upcoming playable characters in the game on its official Twitter account. It recently shared some information about three upcoming characters – Baal or Raiden Shogun, Kokomi and Sara.

While miHoyo shared little details about these characters, it is generally nothing new from what fans have learned about their lore from earlier leaks.

"Genshin Impact" is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, iOS and Android devices.

Genshin Impact's Inazuma is the home to many beautiful and breathtaking scenes
Genshin Impact's Inazuma is the home to many beautiful and breathtaking scenes Genshin Impact