• "Genshin Impact" Update 2.0 will introduce the cross-save feature to the game
  • It will allow players to enjoy the game on various gaming platforms
  • This new feature will be available starting July 21

Apart from the new region of Inazuma and the much-awaited featured characters in the game's upcoming banners, "Genshin Impact" Update 2.0 also introduced the multi-platform cross-save feature. For those who do not know how to set up the latest feature on their PlayStation 4 and PS5, this guide could come in handy.

Based on the latest announcement from Chinese gaming studio miHoYo, the "Genshin Impact" cross-save support for all platforms will be available in the game as soon as Update 2.0 rolls out. With this feature, PlayStation 4 and PS5 owners can easily access their "Geshin Impact" account on PC or iOS or Android devices anytime they like. 

PlayStation or PS5 users just need to connect their PSN email to a miHoYo account. To do this, they need to log in to "Genshin Impact" on their PlayStation gaming consoles. After that, they need to go to Settings then look for Account and click on User Center. Gamers then need to click on Link Account and connect their account for PSN.

Genshin Impact Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. Photo: Nostre NZ/

However, there are several requirements and restrictions for cross-progression between PlayStation consoles and iOS, Android or PC. The majority of these restrictions have something to do with not being able to unlink their PlayStation account from their miHoYo account.

PlayStation gamers who have played "Genshin Impact" on PlayStation 4 or PS5 will not be able to link another account to this particular PlayStation account since there is no way to de-link it. This means that players using PlayStation consoles must create a new email address. 

Additionally, gamers cannot use their PSN account to log in to "Genshin Impact" on PC, iOS and Android devices. In a recent blog post, miHoYo noted that there is a pop-up window that will prompt gamers to link their account. 

However, this will only happen if they enter their PSN account in the game for the first time.

"You can only link an existing miHoYo account from this pop-up window. If you skip the pop-up, your account for PSN will log in to the game and register a miHoYo account, after which it can no longer be linked to an email address that is already associated with a separate miHoYo account," miHoYo said.

For those who have not yet played the game on their PlayStation 4 or PS5 and would like to try it when Update 2.0 releases, setting up the cross-save feature is easy. They just need to link the email associated with their current miHoYo account to their PlayStation account. Players need to do this first before starting the game on Sony's console for the first time.