• "Genshin Impact" players are having a hard time getting 5-star characters
  • The game's Wish component features Pity system
  • There is a way for players to increase chances of getting 5-star characters and weapon in "Genshin Impact"

A lot of "Genshin Impact" players spend a significant amount of money in the game, trying to secure 5-star characters. While it’s clear that the chance of scoring one is mainly out of luck, some players have begun studying the game’s Wish system rates to devise effective ways of securing highest-tier heroes.

Based on the "Genshin Impact" community's study reported by Gamerant, the drop rates of 5-star characters fluctuate based on the number of Wishes a player has made before obtaining a 5-star character. Although there is a 0.6% chance for a 5-star drop at the beginning, it could hit as low as 0.187% or as high as 20.627%. Players could take advantage of this before the pity system in Wishes starts.

The pity system plays a crucial role in the game each time a player rolls for 5-star characters. It somehow guarantees that players could get the 5-star weapon of character from the banner they are rolling when they reach the 90th Wish. However, once a player obtains a 5-star weapon or character before reaching the 90th Wish, the game’s pity system counter resets.

Genshin Impact
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So, how do players take advantage of the recent discovery about Wishes? It is worth mentioning that the first Wish is always at 0.6% odds, but it decreases with every Wish.

Interestingly, the odds change when a player reaches their 76th Wish. The odds increase to 20.637% for a 5-star character, so it is recommended that players make a single Wish for the 76th, 77th, 78th, 79th and 80th Wishes to secure a 5-star character or weapon. This also means that players should count the Wish they are making to improve their odds of getting the highest-tier hero or weapon in the game.

"Genshin Impact" is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOs and Android devices. The hit action RPG title is expected to be available on Nintendo Switch soon. Additionally, on Nov. 11, the game is scheduled to receive its first major update dubbed as “A New Star Approaches,” which promises to roll out fixes and improvements in the game, including the contentious gacha system.