• "Genshin Impact" will soon launch Xiao via update 1.3
  • The game developer recently released a new Xiao trailer
  • It offers the character's backstory

The latest "Genshin Impact" trailer released by miHoYo details the backstory of incoming five-star playable character Xiao and his connection to the Geo character Zhongli, but fans think another five-star character may arrive soon in the game.

Another Yaksha, presumably a five-star character, could arrive soon in "Genshin Impact," Gamesradar reported. While Xiao was known to most fans as a demon slayer, the latest trailer showed that he was one of the five Yakshas Zhongli summoned to fight against the demons in Teyvat. According to the video, three of his fellow Yakshas are dead, while the other one vanished without a trace.

Gamesradar reports that this unaccounted Yaksha somehow leaves the door open for his potential appearance in "Genshin Impact" very soon. Considering their abilities and reputation, it could be a five-star character, the site adds.

*SPOILER ALERT* Lantern Rite Footage from Genshin Impact: Mingxiao Convergence
We may not know where our wishes will end up. But together, they will light up the night sky and turn it as bright as day. Genshin Impact official YouTube Channel

Yakshas are Liyue's illuminated beasts that are not only ferocious but also intimidating to behold, according to honeyhunterworld. The Yakshas – Alatus, Menogias, Bosacius, Bonanus and Indarias – are also described as violent, formidable and merciless in defending Rex Lapis' rule in the region. Alatus is known as the Golden-Winged King, the conqueror of demons, or Xiao.

The site also points that aside from Alatus or Xiao, the only Yaksha mentioned in the game is Bosacius. Nothing much is known about this character but he/she has left a message on a tablet located northeast of the Jueyun Karst Lake. "Liyue is now at peace, but of our number, none but Alatus and I remain. And for my part, I wish to depart, to be done with this world," the tablet reads.

Although the message does not reveal Bosacius' location or his abilities and skills, it confirms that he/she is still alive. The game developer could have simply said in the trailer that all the other four Yakshas are already dead if it has no plans of introducing the other one in the future. But this is just speculation and so, fans should temper their expectations.