Gigi Hadid has finally broken her silence on the drama involving her and Tommy Hilfiger.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Style, Hilfiger was quoted as saying that Hadid was not “quite as thin” as other models walking for his show. Hadid walked for Hilfiger’s 2015 show at the New York Fashion Week, and she was made to wear a poncho.

Hilfiger later clarified that his comment during the interview was misunderstood by many and that he was actually telling a story about a casting director who told him that they decided to put Hadid in the poncho because she did not fit their standards.

Hadid spoke to Access Hollywood about the issue, saying: “The point of that story is that Tommy was rooting for me and that above all, regardless of what the stylists of that season said, or what he put me in, Tommy wanted me in the show and Tommy was pushing for me.”  

Hadid added: “Tommy loved my curves and the next season I wore a bikini on the same runway with the same stylists of the show that had previously put me in a poncho.”

Hilfiger clarified his comments about Hadid in an interview with Page Six, saying he contested the casting director’s decision to cover Hadid’s body. He also said that Hadid is “the epitome of perfection” so there was no way he would ask for her to be put in something that will not highlight her figure. Hilfiger added that he has always been impressed by Hadid’s personality and style.

“She would not be the Tommy girl if I didn’t think she was perfection, the It girl of today, not just because of her face, not just because of her body, but because of who she is,” Hilfiger said.

Hadid is the face of Hilfiger’s brand and has launched a collection with the designer.