The "God Eater 3" action demo gave a taste of how the new iteration would play last weekend. Due to the game’s slightly convoluted skill customization system, beginners may feel lost as to which weapon should they start with. Here are some quick observations we got from playing the demo.

New Systems

So far, "God Eater 3" has some new universal moves that are default to a player character, regardless of the weapon and gun they attach to their God Arc. More than weapons and guns, these controls have greatly decided which of the current roster of weapons and guns would synergize well with them. The controls included a lunging block that covers a lot of forward distance, additional moves that activate when a player is in burst and new attacks that involve the characters jumping a lot. All in all, "God Eater 3" seems to be more focused on speed and evasion with its new set of controls.

Beginner Weapon: Short Sword and Boost Hammer

Arguably, both of these weapons are the most underwhelming picks in the previous "God Eater 2." While these weapons have unique specialties of their own, both weapons have been overshadowed by the Variant Scythe, which boasted high damage, ridiculously long reach and overall versatility in every situation. Now that the Variant Scythe feels more sluggish and has shorter reach right now, the Short Sword and Boost Hammer are definitely the way to go in "God Eater 3."

While being the arguably boring weapon in design compared to other weapons in "God Eater 3," Short Sword seems to be a good pick for the speed and evasion gameplay in this new iteration. Short Sword offers fast strikes, and an air dodge which is perfect for moving out of harm’s way. Since the Short Sword requires little commitment to its attacks, players can just dart and weave to whittle down an enemy until it is defeated. Moreover, the new Burst Arts will boost the Short Swords damage through additional attacks so players won’t feel like they’re not doing any damage.

In contrast to the Short Sword, the Boost Hammer is slower but is arguably the fastest high damage weapon in "God Eater 3." All players need to is activate Burst and do a jumping heavy attack on weak spots until the monster dies. Other high damage weapons like Buster Sword, Heavy Moon, and Variant Scythe take too much time to set up before they can dish out the big damage.

Lastly, the Long Sword currently feels underwhelming without other Burst Arts, and the Biting Edge dual swords are too risky as attacks tend to be made long before you can dodge out of the way.

Beginner Gun: Sniper Gun and Raygun

As far as gunplay is involved, the new systems in "God Eater 3" somehow make it underwhelming as none of the systems directly improve this part. As such, the Sniper Gun’s high damage on weak spots and the Raygun’s increasing laser damage are good enough in situations where approaching the enemy monsters isn’t a good choice but you have to keep fighting it. For now, you can skip using the Shotgun and Assault Gun. The Shotgun hits hard but is risky due to its slowness, and the Assault Gun barely does any damage despite its speed.

Lastly, these weapon choices were based from the loadouts available to the "God Eater 3" action demo. Most of the Blood Arts available in the demo are focused on close-range fights with the monsters, but some weapons and guns are not good at that. We’ll have to wait on the "God Eater 3’s" release in Feb. 8 to see if the new systems are actually deeper than what the demo showed it to be.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst Steam Her weapon is one of the bad ones in God Eater 3. Avoid it. Photo: Bandai Namco/God Eater 3