Bandai Namco has announced a change in its release plans for “New Gundam Breaker.” The PC version won’t be launching alongside the PS4 version later this month.

On Friday, Bandai Namco took to Twitter to reveal that the PC version of “New Gundam Breaker” that was supposed to come to Steam on June 22 has been delayed. The video game company said the game’s release has been postponed to a later date this summer season.

Bandai Namco explained that the delay will give the developers more time to improve the experience of the game. “We decided that extra development time was needed to achieve a qualitative experience for the first game of the ‘Gundam Breaker’ series on PC.”

The delayed release of the PC version means PS4 players will have the advantage of getting their hands on the game first. The PS4 version will apparently follow its scheduled release, so it is launching on June 22.

“New Gundam Breaker” for PS4 is available to preorder on Amazon for $59.99. The Amazon product page reveals that hack and slash game will feature enemy Gunpla and other big bosses. It also states that players will get to battle through story mode or team up with other players in the new 3v3 co-op mode.

The new game is coming to Japan first before it launches in the North American market. But the gap isn’t a big deal because it’s just one day. “New Gundam Breakers” is launching in Japan on June 21, a day before it hits shelves in North America and other markets.

For fans who are residing in Japan, they are getting special treats when they preorder their copy of the game. Siliconera has learned that those who preorder the game in Japan will get “Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue Episode 1.”

Additionally, those who preorder are getting a product code for accessing a once-a-day special mission called “Her Name is Super Fumina.” The mission will give players a ticket they can use to exchange for any Gunpla part. Finally, they are also getting avatar costumes from “Gundam Battle Operation Next 2.”

New Gundam Breaker
The PC version of “New Gundam Breaker“ has been delayed. Bandai Namco