• Sony is rumored to unveil the PS5 next month officially
  • Several sites believe that the PS5 unveiling could be the venue for the announcement of the "God Of War" sequel
  • In a recent interview, the "God Of War" director shares some details about the next installment's plot

There is no doubt that Santa Monica Studio would create a sequel to the successful action-adventure game 'God of War.' At this point, we don't have any official confirmation from Sony that the sequel is in the works. However, 'God of War' Director Cory Barlog recently talked about the game's direction, triggering speculations that a potential sequel is on the way and could launch at the PS5 official unveiling.

" God Of War" Sequel At The PS5 Official Reveal

One of the most awaited events this year, aside from the arrival of Sony's next-generation gaming console, is its official unveiling. Its rival Xbox Series X was already unveiled at last year's The Game Awards. Sony so far has unveiled the official logo of the PS5, but fans have not seen its official image aside from the leaked photos of PS5 Dev Kit.

The official launch of the PS5 is going to be another big event for the industry. Many anticipate that during the event, Sony would also announce its PS5 exclusive and launch titles. The "God of War" sequel is one of these anticipated games. 

The game, although unconfirmed, has been making headlines these days, particularly when its director shared some details about the "God Of War" sequel's story.

" God Of War" Sequel: Story Details

In a recent interview with PlayStation Access, "God Of War" Director Cory Barlog talked about the game and its main protagonist, Kratos. During the talk, Barlog seemingly hinted where the unannounced sequel could be headed in terms of plot. The next "God Of War" title could explore how Kratos met his wife, Faye, according to the game director.

While he does not explicitly mention the 'next' "God Of War" game, the director's tone is suggesting that it is heading in that direction. The next "God of War" game could take some time before it finally arrives. But, if it is going to be at par or better than its predecessor, it would be worth the wait.

" God Of War" Sequel Rumors

A mountain of evidence is mounting towards the development of the "God of War" sequel. On Nov. 2019, Santa Monica Studio was looking for a Cinematic Artist and an Assistant Cinematic Director with experience in martial arts and dance. Fans believe the job listing was for the sequel of "God Of War." Another indicator could be the recent post on Twitter of Santa Monica Studio's Narrative Animator Kim Newman.

She shared a picture showing her in a full motion-capture suit. It only means that if she is working on a game, it has already entered mocap production. And, if it is the sequel of the "God of War," a potential announcement or launch could happen soon, perhaps at the PS5 unveiling.